For these past 8 years, the IBB has been inviting artists and theoreticians from all over the globe in order to create more references and insight for not only the IBB students but also to the general public of Curacao as well. We try as much as possible to be diverse in our selection in order to project a broad spectrum of possibilities, directions and visions concerning the visual arts. Each year the IBB invites about 8 to 10 artists, including local artists, to do a residency at the IBB and also to give a seminar to the students. The IBB doesn’t limit itself to the students but it also directs its transfer of knowledge to the general public because after all the community is the one who has to carry its art and the only way to achieve this is by learning and getting more insight into the arts and the art world. Through these artists in residence programs the IBB has developed a huge collection of art works. The collection consists out of works from different media and sizes. The diversity of the collection is very particular because of the fact that all the works are made here on the island with the local materials.

For the period of October to December 2014 there are 4 artists and one theoretician visiting the IBB for the National and the IPS programs. They are: Hadassah Emmerich (Painter from The Netherlands), Dominic Wood (Painter and sculptor from Australia), Antuan Rodriguez (Multimedia artist from Cuba, USA), Samson Ssenkabaa (Multi media artist from Uganda) and Jose Manuel Noceda (Art historian and curator from Cuba).

The four artists will be working with the students and at the end there will be a presentation of the results. The art critic and curator Jose Manuel Noceda will be doing 2 theoretical workshops with the students where they’ll be analysing the Caribbean contemporary art. He will also be visiting the local artists at their studios in the context of the next Havana Biennial.

We want to invite the general public to be present at the IBB on Friday the 14th of November 2014 at 19:00 when there will be an unveiling of the sculpture made by Antuan Rodriguez (Antuan Art) together with the students of the IBB as part of the sculpture park on the terrain of Klinika Capriles. This piece is a collective piece where the artist wants to show not only the individual capacity of the students, but also the social and democratic mentality that is needed to make this piece possible. On this night there will also be the presentation of the lecture by Jose Manuel Noceda entitled: Un Encuentro Bienal del Caribe en Aruba. Here Noceda as the curator of the Aruba Biennial will give more insight into this project.

This part of the sculpture park was made possible with financial aid from Mondriaan Fonds, Stichting DOEN and Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie.

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