Contemporary art practice as a higher dimensional existence.

Antuan Rodriguez cross references of origins witnessed through identities and codes.

 By: Jorge Luis Gutierrez  /Museologist and curator 

 Corpus 1 / Into the Other Dimension

Although the fictional – in the visual and allegorical impression – is a constant theme in Antuan’s contemporary art practice, many of his works have also investigated the precarious balance and the possibility of collapse. On the other hand, his work and proposals delineate a perspective facing art, with displaying strategies and the atmosphere that radiates certitude and destiny, on his displayed narrative.  There is always a definite path in is ironies and questioning of the state of things.

The healing capacity of Antuan’s very personal vision captured in the journey through the key issues of his life is a cartography of experiences, influences, feelings places, and people. Providing the catalyst for an unexpected personal transformation into a contemporary artist.

His latest stage of exploration, research, and production [the Other Dimension] brings forward a proposal linked with the constant human concern for universal communication through form, symbols and codes. Once again his work relates the methodologies of artistic production with the approaches of scientific abstraction and thought. This artistic proposal becomes a key shift in Antuan’s body of work. It’s the closing of a cycle and the beginning  of a new proposal in concept and formal rxpression.

Antuan’s current expressive itinerary of the Other Dimension proposal is consistent with his interpretation of human thought and reality. Plunging energy in the combination of ideas, as variants present in his artworks three concepts; myth, metaphor, and archetype.

A multiple perspectives itself which constitutes a middle-ground between conceived and realistic approaches to meaning. Embarking its observers with more pathways to follow and tales to spin.

Antuan seems inserted within the post-contemporary art movements redefining what to be an artist means, taking initiatives in innovating and communicating. As with other younger generations that emerged from the Cuban art scene after the Cuban generation of the 80’s (Los Carpinteros and Allora & Calzadilla for example) that emerged from the Cuban art scene back to the called  generation of the 80’s (José Bedia, Glexis Novoa, Gustavo Acosta and Alexis Leyva Machado -KCHO among others). Transforming his work in interactive participation experiences, causing excitement among audiences involved with the final projects. [Either a large scale urban work or an intimate level object]

Corpus 2 / The Other Dimension or places of universal intimacy

The Other Dimension is a body of work that departs from the geometry of a circular disk which varies in scale and dimensions from monumental to intimate, with a language based on human codes. And even when it’s time-based, past, present or the future is irrelevant to the viewer’s experience.

Antuan’s conceptual approach is that interaction with the Other Dimension is part of a present spatial- time – communication human experience. Enabling instantaneous connection across vast distances, this new proposal also renders visible what already conceals at the corporeal and even the cellular level. Where through codes and symbols, we imagine ways of active connection with an outer universe. An intense human need. Independently of epochs, this desire is always ever present, even if sporadically.

The Other Dimension shows an artist, who considers the universe, the infinite and the eternal from a range of differing scientific, philosophical, and cultural positions integrated into one proposal. Engaging the viewer, in the awe and enigma of concepts of the universe. But also concerned with shifts in the geopolitical order brought on by the digital revolution, shifting science paradigms and changing contemporary visual expression trends, matched with unsettled tensions that exist between diverging belief systems.

The post-contemporary cultural scene is an admixture of cross-cultural ascendancy, fused, patch-worked, and stratified one another aloft. Disengaged and fluent, culture is hybrid and interstitial, propelling among territories of meaning. In that context, The Other Dimension is an artistic proposal bringing places of universal intimacy and an opportunity of equilibrium in our positive inner thoughts. The result is an efficient and deeply moving experience for the viewer.

Corpus 3 / The objectivity of the Stranger

The Other Dimension holds the creative liberty of shifting space and time according on how the artist wishes to adopt his proposal to the selected museological context of the work.

Coming from a peripheral country [Cuba], and later a stranger to a historical Europe and the pragmatic USA. His uprootedness contributes to building up a more independent and non-partisan account of reality and representation. Through what Georg Simmel called “the objectivity of the Stranger”

For Antuan, the work of art holds no utopias, but interpretations legitimate shaped real and prescribed in the world through the momentary affinity of art. Ultimately his reply is idyllic, settling the universe as a vacuous replete of potential but also as a field riddled by omission and enigma.

He is part of a daring group of artists contributing to creative communities that energize the cities of which they are part. Originating a cultural industry bringing contributions in the scope of creative, spiritual, economic and entrepreneurship actions. Able to create transcendental, playful and universal collective goods such as the Other Dimension.

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