An exhibition on art and human time by contemporary artist Antuan Rodriguez

“The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once” Albert Einstein

Art exists in time as well as space. Time is the freest and valuable asset of humans; we are all born with it, and we have the will and freedom to manage it ourselves. In his work contemporary artist, Antuan Rodriguez approaches his work with the possibility that art may alter our perception. It scripts history and feeds the present to envision the future. More than aesthetics, the art is history narratives.

His series of works relating to time, approach the human vision of well-being, positive attitudes and consciousness of time as a balance in our lives, departing from the Hublot watches as an inspiration for recreating the concepts of human time.

A watch on our wrist is a remembrance of how time is unequivocal and equal; “Time” is a momentum. It inspires one’s obligation to a broader history, it prompts us to create something more meaningful than oneself and delineates purpose. Globally, humans recognize all of this.How each one of us internalizes, distinguish ourselves and communicate our perception of “Time“ make each one of us a unique individual.

From that perspective. Antuan approaches his research and artistic experimentation on the HUBLOT art series, creating works that have the precarious balance and the possibility of transformation linked to the constant human concern for universal communication through form, symbols, unequivocal and codes.

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