The Peace & Blessing Fountain idea was born in Miami, from a profound inspirational moment of Italian entrepenour Giovanni Lo Coco and artist Antuan Rodriquez, who through their creative genius transformed it into a real project. The inspiration that led to the conception of the fountain is the result of an urgent need for humanity, which is to see themselves in a large interconnected system to the Mother Earth. The creators recognize the need of men to connect in a conscious and deliberate way with more subtle energies and universal energies on the planet that will ultimately be for the Common Good: Love, Truth and Nonviolence. And it is the strength that comes from Love and Truth that has inspired and moved to action some of the most important global leaders, pacifists and Nobel laureates who have walked this earth: Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Aung San Suu Ky.

Nobel Peace Prize winners Shirin Ebadi and Dr. Rajenda K.Pachuri at 14th World Peace Summit giving their message of peace, love and non-violence for the Peace & Blessing Fountain.

The Peace & Blessing Fountain is a symbol and at the same time a force of energy that is transformed into a universal prayer, without limits and boundaries, no color, no signs of belonging to this or that belief: a symbol that speaks and vibrates the message of Love and Truth to Humanity. The concept of the fountain is enclosed inside an egg; the symbol and shape of the Universe and Creation, which has a plot of stick figures in relief, combined to create a sort of network that encompasses and surrounds the egg. The Egg, made of silver is constantly bathed by running water and suspended in the center of the fountain, the enclosing through a transparent structure of glass blocks, created specially by Furnace Ferro Murano glass masters of Venice since 1230.

Approaching the fountain, using a special hearing aid, each person can send a prayer of peace inspired by the strength that comes from Love and Truth directly into an electronic device located inside the egg. The apparatus turns words into vibration / Herz – exactly 7.8 Hz – which corresponds to the vibration of the Earth and transfers them back to the water through the induction of the precious metal that gives it an enriched and enhanced vibration, known as Satyagraha, which at that point the water is available for drinking by anyone for free.

The message / prayer can also be sent remotely through an app or emailed in video or audio that will be also published in the dedicated website. The first two Peace & Blessing Fountains have been proposed to be built in the cities of Miami and Venice. The goal is to install them in 40 cities at risk of flooding due to the world’s climate change. Some of the latest Nobel Peace Awards have already made their contribution and recorded their message of peace, love and nonviolence for the project Peace & Blessing Fountain.


Artist’s Note: The statement behind this project is to portray humans embracing without boundaries creating a net in order to protect a silver egg. This egg contains the birth of a new enlightning movement with the intent of saving the planet. Seventy percent of our planet is water, 70% of the human body is water, which leads to the importance of the quality of our waters for existence. This is why this silver sculpture, silver having healing properties, sits surrounded by water so that it can cure and preserve our waters throughout the planet.

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